MsvSales  咨询于 2018-04-05 16:53:34问答: MSV Explorer
Dear Sir

Thank you for your enquire to the MSV web site.

Please allow me to introduce our selves to you. We are the manufacturing partners in the MSV Explorer business and will be the point of contact for all future endeavours. During the next few months we will be re launching the web site and will have a new and varied range of MSV Explorers to choose from.

May I ask you for a picture of the current unit you have so to help us identify which one you own, this will help us understand your requirements for future units.

As I have mentioned we have some exciting new products coming on stream in the near future which I feel may be of benefit to you and your business needs.

We are always looking to expand our business and would be happy to discuss with you further your proposals.

Kind Regards

Gareth Jennings BEng (Hons)




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